A Newbie’s Guide To The k Pop Culture

 Are you looking to expand your musical inclination towards a new direction? If yes, why are you not thinking of adding K-pop to your list of entertainment? Opting for K pop is a good idea not only because K pop offers a bottomless level of fun and catchy music but also because there is a variety of media available beyond the songs. This will make sure that you do not run out of songs to listen to or content to consume. If  this is your first time knowing or hearing about k-pop, there are a few things you should be aware of. A lot of newcomers have a few basic questions like why is k-pop so special, what is an idol, what is a fancam etc.

What is k-pop?

K-pop is short for Korean pop music. The music can be a part of the industrial entertainment complex or indie music, or any other type. The one thing which everyone will tell you when they first talk about k-pop is the bold visuals, elaborate footwork and hummable hooks. K pop began to conquer the rest of the world in the year 1992 when Seo Taiji and boys performed their song, ‘I know’ in a talent show. Even though the band did not win the competition, the song attracted a group of listeners and eventually went on to top the Korean music charts for 17 weeks.

However, it is the third generation of k-pop that has led to its globalization and mainstreaming. The third generation started around the year 2013. K-pop is now being led by hitmakers like red velvet, Exo, BTS, Blackpink, and twice. Most of the blackpink albums are available online on music platforms like Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, YouTube etc. These bands have worked with a greater fusion of different musical genres. They have expanded their styles beyond the usual rap break and pop song formula. BTS alone has pushed many boundaries recently in the pursuit of success in the US.

Korean music culture has transcended language barriers as well. The artists of k-pop most often released songs in multiple languages like Chinese, English, and Japanese. The lyrics also often feature English phrases as well as phrases in other languages. Since the music teams are very catchy, the non-Korean speakers are easily attracted to the song to sing or hum along even if they do not know or understand the lyrics. BTS album for sale is available worldwide and can be downloaded or purchased from any of the online stores.

Modern K-pop is like any other modern pop music. It contains a wide variety of artists who are performing in a variety of musical styles, influences as well as sub-genres. You will find Korean pop artists ranging from one of the duets to indie musicians do studying experimental art. The most common indication of K-pop has become the sub-mode idol pop. K-pop has taken over the world and has exposed all of us to a new form of music genre.

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