Be The First To Watch The Best Tamil Thrillers

Discover a curated list of must watch Tamil thriller movies available online. In the world of South Indian cinema, where suspense, mystery, and action take center stage, we’ve narrowed down the top films that have not only dominated the box office but also gained international recognition. Save time and dive into these intriguing narratives that promise a captivating cinematic experience. Scroll down to find the complete list and ensure you don’t miss out on the gems that have left audiences enthralled worldwide.

  1. Raid

First on the list of best Tamil thriller movies is Raid, this action-packed thriller tells the story of Prabhakaran, a determined individual hailing from Chennai, who takes a solemn oath to eliminate wrongdoers plaguing the society. Despite his noble mission, he encounters numerous challenges and obstacles posed by formidable enemies along his journey. There are a lot of action and intense fight scenes that will keep you entertained.

  1. Red Sandalwood

Red Sandalwood tells the tale of a hopeful boxer, originally from North Chennai, who embarks on a journey to Renigunta in search of his girlfriend’s missing brother. During this quest, he not only locates the missing sibling but also stumbles upon a shocking red sandalwood smuggling scandal. As the narrative progresses the protagonist discovers a web of deceit and intrigue surrounding the smuggling scandal.

  1. Angaraagan

Angaraagan unfolds as a gripping thriller, where a haunted forest resort becomes the focal point of a 12-hour investigation. As the story unfolds, chilling secrets are unraveled, unveiling the paranormal legacy left behind by a past queen. The narrative delves into the mysteries lurking within the eerie confines of the resort, promising a suspenseful and spine-tingling experience for the audience. You can stream Angaraagan and browse for more such Tamil thriller movies on ZEE5 Global.

  1. Noodles

Noodles weaves a tale around a couple named Harish and Sheela. Their initial disagreement with the local inspector takes an unexpected turn, propelling them into a situation where they must confront Madhan. As the plot thickens, Madhan’s inquiries into the police officer lead the couple down a path filled with suspense and intrigue, adding layers of complexity to the narrative. To get the full story of this riveting thriller make sure to add the movie to your watchlist.

  1. Chithha

In the 2023 thriller film Chithha, the storyline revolves around a man who lovingly raises his niece as if she were his daughter. The semblance of normalcy in their lives takes a chilling turn when the little girl suddenly goes missing. The narrative unfolds, exploring the mystery behind her disappearance and delving into the suspenseful circumstances surrounding their lives.

  1. Fight Club

Fight Club revolves around Selva, a college student harboring aspirations of a football career. Frustrated by the scarcity of opportunities, Selva’s simmering anger leads him into a series of conflicts that not only affect his own life but also cast a shadow over his family. The narrative unfolds as Selva grapples with the consequences of his choices, painting a compelling portrait of the challenges and conflicts that arise from his pursuit of a dream in the fiercely competitive world of sports.

  1. Farhana

Farhana weaves a gripping tale of a middle-class mother who, in pursuit of financial liberation, takes a bold leap into the world of call centers. As the hum of phones becomes her newfound symphony of hope, the narrative takes an unexpected turn, entwining Farhana in a perilous web of suspense and intrigue. In her quest for freedom, she discovers that the call center’s labyrinthine corridors conceal more than just opportunities—they harbor secrets that challenge the very essence of her existence. Brace yourself for a thrilling drama as Farhana’s journey unfolds amidst the whispers of a world she never thought she’d encounter.

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