Exploring the Many Types of Art

When you hear the word “art,” you may think of paintings hanging in a museum. However, art comes in many forms.


Some artists use films as their medium. Artists who work on movies include actors, actresses, directors and producers such as Heather Parry. Most movies also include musical art through the soundtrack. Soundtracks require composers as well as performers.


Music contains almost too many genres to count, but all of them are types of art. Some of the major distinctions include classical, rock, pop, country and hip-hop. Depending on the style, each piece of music may require a composer, a conductor and various performers. Unless you listen to music live, you also depend on sound technicians to experiences art in this form. Many people struggle to see certain types of music as art. However, like all kinds of art, each piece of music is subjective and may not appeal to everyone.


One of the oldest mediums for making art is cloth. Woven tapestries used to hang on walls in castles. While today’s textiles do not usually relate stories of great battles, they are still popular decorations. Some artists weave their textiles, while others embroider designs using needles and thread.


When you think of sculptures, you probably think of old marble statues. While these are often very skillful examples of art, they are not the only way of sculpting. Some artists carve scenes, figures or designs out of wood. Others cast representations of items using plaster. Still more make sculptures by combining many items used in ordinary life into three-dimensional collages.

Do not discount any genre of art until you have given it a fair chance. Making beautiful works of art requires skill, and artists frequently have a message to convey. Take the time to consider their works and find their purposes.

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