Ideas for a Sparkling Hen Party

You’ve been like a bottle of pop since your proposal, haven’t you? It is so exciting and romantic to be in love, to be engaged, and to be planning your wedding. It is every girl’s dream after all! There are a few different parts of a wedding that will get you to the peak of excitement. The first is booking your bridal gown fitting and finding the wedding dress of your dreams. The other, is to plan your hen party with your maid of honour and incredible bridesmaids, family and friends. Here, we look at some options to put together a sparkling hen party that you’ll remember forever!

Where is Your Hen Party Going to Be? This is such an important decision to make. Do you want a big hen party in a different city (or even abroad), with a small group of friends and family, making it a very special few days away, or do you want one big party closer to home, with probably larger numbers of people involved? Some hen parties are better suited to laid back spa days, or quiet weekend retreats in the country, it depends on what you like.

Choose Your Food Wisely This part of a hen party will depend a lot on what type of party you want. Even if you are planning on a big night out with lot of drink and dancing involved, you’ll want to make sure you and your party have a big enough feed before you go and do that. For some brides, a fancy meal with the nearest and dearest is the best shout, whilst for others they might want to make food the central focus of the hen party, with the group taking part in some form of fun cooking class.

Drink Away Similar to the food situation, how much do you want drink to be part of your hen party? Many hen parties have a lot of fun heading over to a cocktail bar and taking part in cocktail making lessons with your own personal barman for the evening. You might also want to start the night with some cheaper drinks, whether at home, or in your apartment or hotel should your hen be away somewhere on a city break.

The hen party is a tradition that should never be overlooked. It’s a fantastic time to sit with your gals, have loads of laugh, get a little tipsy, dance the night away, and celebrate the end of your single life and the new chapter you are about to embark on. Every bride deserves the best hen party that suits what she is into. Always remember that it is about you, and you should never have a hen party that suits other people, just like you should only plan a wedding that suits you and doesn’t put other’s needs before your own. Now that you’ve planned your hen party and you’ve chosen your perfect wedding dress, you can look forward to booking your final wedding dress appointment for a fitting, and then your wedding will be just around the corner! Enjoy every moment, you’ll love it!

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