Places to Propose in Dubai

The metropolis of Dubai, with its ultra-modern updated buildings, extravagant shopping malls and themed water parks, is definitely a stunning tourist destination. But do you know it is also endowed with numerous breathtaking places to propose to your most beloved? Yes! If you are planning a marriage proposal in Dubai and wish to surprise your partner, start planning now. The city offers you some of the most beautiful places, like wonderful beaches, luxurious restaurants, and majestic monuments for proposing your best person. Whether you want the programme to be private and intimate or uber-romantic, unique and eccentric, here are a few best places in Dubai to get onto your knees and hear the ‘Yes’:

  • The Burj Khalifa: As the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa is the best place to propose your most beloved one. Having the highest observation deck, the world-famous skyscraper provides a stunning view of the Dubai skyline and the Arabian Gulf. Propose in a dramatic style and make your partner feel special. Don’t feel comfortable amidst the crowd? Worry not! The Sky Lounge at level 148 will be a perfect option to seek.
  • Dubai Desert: Do you want to propose to your would-be life partner in some adventurous spot? Nothing can be better than the Dubai desert. From mesmerising sunrises to amazing sunsets and sand dune safaris, you will surely make the most beautiful memories together. Also, you can arrange for a romantic dinner date under the sparkling sky and propose with the ring.
  • Miracle Garden: Do you want your special person to feel like a princess of a fairy tale? Well, Miracle garden will be the best option to seek.Covering an area of 72,000 sq. Ft with more than 150 million flowers, this garden is a living paradise where you can offer a marriage proposal. The Disney Avenue, Cabanas Floral Clocks, Emirates A380 and 3D Floral Design that you will see at the world-renowned natural flower garden are undoubtedly a feast for the eyes.
  • Balloon Ride: Another impressive proposal option, enabling you to spend some cosy and quality time in a hot air balloon and pop the question with the engagement ring. Enjoy the floating ride in the magnificent desert with the sun rising behind the massive dunes. Indeed it will provide you with a unique experience and some best memories you will cherish forever.
  • Madinat Jumeirah: Spreading over 40 hectares of landscapes and gardens, this largest resort in the Emirate is the best location to propose to your girl for marriage. The resort has a beautiful picturesque place called Piers Chic where you can get on your knee and say those magical words to win your lady love’s heart.
  • Dubai Aquarium: The Dubai Mall is not only one of the most iconic shopping destinations in Dubai; it also has the biggest aquarium in the world. Home to numerous sea animals and species, the aquarium has more than 400 sharks and rays. You can also dive with them or choose to go for the shark walker. Whatever your plan, delay not! Propose your partner surrounded by the sharks and create a thrilling and memorable once-in-life moment.


Marriage proposals express your love for your partner and assure them of a beautiful life ahead. So, plan accordingly and focus on the perfect execution of the same. Rest, the beauty of Dubai will take care!

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