Planning a bachelor’s party in Philadelphia? A quick guide!

You are in charge of planning a bachelor’s party for your best friend – What’s next? If you are in Philadelphia, you will find no dearth of choices. There are just too many clubs, bars, and places to choose from. Instead of going for a conventional choice, how about selecting a gentleman’s club? Some of the clubs here are known to host incredible bachelor parties in Philadelphia, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here is a quick guide to the basics –

What to expect at a gentleman’s club?

The gentleman’s clubs in Philadelphia typically have packages for parties and events, so that can be a good way to save money. It depends on the day of the week you choose, but weekends can be more expensive.  If you are strictly organizing a bachelor party, we would recommend that you find a deal that doesn’t charge for the groom. Coming to the arrangements at a gentleman’s club¸ it really depends on the place, but you can expect nude entertainers, awesome performances, and a table that’s reserved for your gang. Some clubs do have special rooms, but it all depends on the kind of arrangements you want.

Packages for bachelor parties

Typically, you can use packages for a group of least four to five people. Select a gentleman’s club that offers enough choices and doesn’t demand more for cover charge. Visit in person and check the designated seating areas they have. You may also want to visit on a regular day to check the entertainers. The performances eventually determine the fun you will have at a club, so a prior trip can be handy. Ready bachelor party packages always cost less, so check if one of these deals suit your needs.

Figure out the booze scene

Some clubs allow to Bring Your Own Booze (BYOB), while others may serve alcohol. Since men drink a lot at bachelor parties, it is wise to consider this as a major expense. Also, make sure that the drinks allowed inside are as per your taste and choices. The food served by most gentleman’s clubs in Philly is commendable, but you can always enquire.

If the party is on a weekend, we strongly recommend that you book your table and package in advance. Also, if you want special arrangements, talk to the gentleman’s club in advance and check the extra charges and costs. Plan the most awesome party in Philly today!

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