Some of the creative tips for decorating the penthouse

Penthouse is one of the desirable thing for many people. Everyone loves to have a penthouse and use it for different occasion. Moreover it often reflects the opulence and standard of living at the helm. Therefore when you find a house in a high class luxurious town, you will find that penthouse is bound to get laded with affluent style and exotic amenities. Having a penthouse is often a dream for many. In fact, to fulfil your dream, you can call Mon bijou and ask for penthouses for hire in Melbourne CBD. They are very professional in their services and arrange creative and breakthrough events at different venues especially at penthouse so that you can enjoy the feeling of living into an up class society. With their splendid thoughts, they can decorate your place with amazing lights and decorative hangings that can leave their guest and friends – completely flabbergasted.

Exclusive installation and fitting of classy furniture

The design of your furniture must resemble with the theme of pent house. It should be completely in sync with the interiors and exteriors – in adjacent with the sophistication. You can place traditional or heritage based sofa and upholstery – comfortable enough to rest and enjoy. Partition into the living space can make optimum utilisation of your spatial arrangement. With a curvy look and polished designs of furniture will take back your celebratory mood to a greater height. For better and creative ideas regarding decorating your penthouse with latest trend, contact Mon bijou or any other professional company for adding speciality and beautifying your place on customisation basis.

Choose vibrant and subtle colours that commensurate with the theme of event

Choosing colours is one of the most creative and imperative task. They fill the spirit of liveliness –adding spark to the event with a tinge of subtle selection of theme and its combination. And on that basis, you can decide the wall hangings, lighting effects, furniture, cloth and mate on floor and most prominently – the ceilings. With a right tone of colours and its vibrant shades will decorate your pent house reflecting a mesmerising view to celebrate your most special and precious time with a lent of contrasting effect.

Windy windows and decorative outdoors can spark up the event

Windows that come without any grill and frame can be embellished with exotic lights. You can keep the windows and doors open, if it reflects a majestic and outstanding view of nature and city landscape. Besides that, you can leave few gifts near the window and door making it look special when your guest or friends lend their view. Through interior walls and ceilings, your pent house will give a dreamy effect to the viewers – a fairy tale theme. Installation of glass based doors can make it look quite opulent and classy with its fine beauty and alluring effect.

You can contact Mon bijou and get the most creative and sophisticated services in arranging any event at your penthouse.

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