Stag Dos in Style: Three Ultimate Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor parties, otherwise known as stag dos, can cost a lot of money. Many people decide to get married at a certain point in their lives. If all of your friends are about the same age, there could be a number of men who have all proposed and are all eagerly anticipating their stag dos. This means that the participants may not have much money to spend on a wild and crazy weekend.

However, what if money did not matter? Perhaps you all have great jobs, or maybe someone recently won the lottery. Regardless of how you want to imagine it, think about what your bachelor party would be like if you had unlimited funds. Where would it take place? What activities would you engage in? Maybe it’s the height of summer and you want to party, or if you’re getting married in the new year, then you’ll want Christmas party venues in East London. The following three stag dos are the ultimate party for any man about to get married.

Celebrity in Style

Start off your weekend by boarding your own private jet, en route to the States. Once in the air, enjoy a round of drinks with your mates and maybe engage in a drinking game or two. Once you arrive in New York, board a limousine and head toward Madison Square Gardens. Have security meet you at the door and take you backstage, where you get to enjoy a VIP lounge that has all the food and drinks you can consume. What concert are you preparing for? Why, The Killers of course. You will take in all the action from backstage while stuffing your belly full of anything you could possible want. But that is not all. Once the show is over, get back in your limo and head to an incredible hotel in the city, where you meet up with the band and have a blast jamming out with them for the rest of the night.

King of the Castle

For this stag do, you will be living it up in a huge manor house, set out in the country. With the finest furnishing, the house comes equipped with food, drinks and servants that cater to your every whim. Ask your friends to dress the part, as everyone should be outfitted in their finest attire. During the day, head outside and enjoy the great outdoors while tracking pheasant as a group. At night, dig into caviar, the finest wine and a few Cuban cigars. Enjoy the company of your closest friends and consider hiring a little outside entertainment as well. The night will pass in a blur of laughter and general shenanigans, and you will wake up in the morning completely satisfied that your stag do was the best one ever.

Drowning in Cash

There was a movie released in 1980 where the main character had just one month to get rid of 30 million dollars. Take that premise and apply it to your stag do. You are not flying out to the United States or heading out to the country, but you are spending as much money as you can in a short period of time. Make your base of operations a grand hotel in Mayfair. Take £20,000 and have fun with it. No giving it away; you must spend it on frivolous entertainment. Challenge your mates to meet certain objectives over the course of the weekend; if they fail, they must drink. Enjoy luxury cars, the finest entertainment and the best food and drink.

These three stag dos are the ultimate bachelor parties. If anyone reading this has enough money to pull one off, please share your story. I am sure it would be incredible!

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