Tips and Etiquette for Getting a Good Lap Dance at Strip Clubs  

You can have a ball of a time at strip clubs when you pay for a lap dance. Equally, many people make a fool of them and waste their money. If you want to get an amazing lap dance, you will need to choose the right girl. You will get better at this with experience, but there are certain other aspects that can help you get your money’s worth out of a lap dance.

Being polite

Gold Rush Cabaret is one of the better known places in Florida for lap dances. If you want to have a good time at this type of Miami Strip club, you need to respect a few things. A lap dancer is not a free-for-all and you can’t just do anything that pleases you with her. You are paying a professional for a specific job.

  • Have a shower and smell nice, so that the girl feels comfortable around you
  • Flirt with her, but know where the line is and don’t go too far
  • Don’t ask her out, especially during the first few times, because she doesn’t know who you are

Sitting Comfortably

If you are comfortable when you are seated, she will have to make fewer adjustments and both of you will have a much better time.

Some things you can do:

  • Just sit in whatever position is more comfortable for you
  • Then let her adjust your hands and feet as she knows what she’s doing
  • Keep your body comfortably lose, not like a beanbag, so she can use your body to lean

Watch your Hands

Every lap dancer has her own way of performing and some are more comfortable than others with you touching their breasts. Don’t think you can touch and fondle her wherever and whenever it pleases you. If you are new to a girl, let her indicate where she’s fine. They want you to have a great time, so you will pay them more in tips.

Most importantly, go slow and show greater control. As the lap dance progresses, you can go more and more intense. Just pay attention to her and see where she’s going. You will come away with the best lap dance you can get. Above all, approach this as a professional service. Don’t try to turn this into a personal relationship by asking them to go out with you or having sex, especially if you are new.

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