Tips to Ensure You Do Not End Up Being the Drunkest Person at New Year’s Eve Parties  

When people are partying, they indulge in drinking.  We cannot deny the fact that they are having fun and frolic with their friends. Excessive drinking results in social embarrassment and alcohol consumption can also harm your liver, kidneys and increases skin problems.

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Tips Which Help You to Drink in A Responsible Way

Drinking safely and securely is the best way of enjoying your parties on various occasions. Certain limits need to be maintained for the same. This is useful for you socially and also in regards to your health. So, you must follow these tips when you are having a bash at your New Year’s Eve party.

Drink More Water Before and After Partying

Water helps you to remain hydrated. The harmful toxins are flushed out of your body when you drink plenty of water. When you go to the bar to ask for the drink. You can always ask for the water before, during and after the party. Because when you drink water it dilutes alcohol effect and you remain hydrated.

Go to The Washroom More Often

When you drink more water along with the alcohol, it is natural that you are going to use the washroom several times. When this is done it clears the alcohol from your body. You maintain control over yourselves while you are partying.

Feed Yourself with Healthy Food Before You Start Drinking

When the alcohol is consumed empty stomach, it has negative effect on your body. It overpowers your body and mind. Eating a healthy diet before drinking is essential to lessen the effects produced by drinking the same.

When your stomach is full, you are sure to drink less alcohol. Avoid eating oily foods, because when these mix with the alcohol you have acid reflux and you have the worst hangover the following day.

Drink Slowly and Have A Partner While You Are Drinking

Adhere to one drink within an hour. If too many drinks are taken, it is sure that you will get drunk easily. When you have a partner while drinking it is useful to you. A trustworthy partner c keeps a check when you are drinking excessively, guides you to the washrooms and most importantly escort you home after a New Year’s Eve party.


Thus, it is essential on your part to follow the above-mentioned tips when you are heading towards your New Year’s Eve party. These tips need to be taken into account, to ensure that you drink within the limits and cherish the sweet memories, after the celebration of the mega occasion.

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