Treat Your Best Friend to An Unforgettable Bachelor Party Before His D-Day

You knew the day wasn’t far. Your best buddy who has been with you through every adventure is finally tying the knot. The groom has already been through a lot the past few months due to the mayhem of wedding arrangements. As the best man, you have to make sure he feels relaxed. The bachelor party you plan must involve zero drama and de-stress him.

How to plan a bachelor party?

  • Decide on the venue and dates: You could make a list of 3 places and ask the groom which one he prefers. Choose a date comfortable for the groom and other friends and see that it doesn’t fall on a popular vacation weekend.
  • Figure out accommodation: Some prefer meeting up in someone’s house. That way it is easy to get more people together, you get access to grills, private pools and it is cheaper too. Hotels have inbuilt bars and you can choose a location downtown if you want to try some activities nearby. Consider both options before finalizing.

  • Guest list: Not everyone who was invited will make it to the party since they have other commitments. Moreover, it is more fun and intimate if you keep the group count to be a maximum of 10. With large groups, you’ll end up being seated in different table during meals. If you want to invite more people, arrange for a supplementary nice dinner in the city.
  • Create a plan: Have a loose agenda in mind. You don’t want to spend the day brainstorming on what to do next and where to eat. The common bachelor party activities are bar crawls, drinking games, strip clubs, gambling, beer gardens, hot springs etc.

Many see bachelor party plan without a strip club as a birthday party sans cake. If the groom and others are excited about the idea of strip clubs, arrange your bachelor party near Miami at Cheetah Gentleman’s Club. The club offers unique adult entertainment and promises a memorable night.

Be mindful of the rules before visiting a strip club. Enquire about their dress code beforehand. You’ll be expected to pay well for the exclusive lap dances and drinks. If you are watching stage shows, you’ll have to lay down bills after very performance. It is considered rude if you let a woman leave the stage empty-handed. Have lots of cash handy.

It is an unwritten rule that what happens in strip clubs, stays there. Avoid clicking pictures and tweeting to the world about how you are having fun. Have a blast at the bachelor party and head back home safe.

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